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Barhan” is a high-grade wear-resistant material with a pronounced trick of the light and shadow. It is produced in 3 colour bases: SILVER, PERLA, ROSSO.

For an additional effect Silver base can be tinted with a color for water-based paints.

“Barhan” decorative paint is a transparent paint with silver, pearly or pinkish-nacreous nuance. It is applied onto a ready painted background.

The monitor may distort the true colour of the image. The true colours can be seen in our company catalogue.

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“Barhan” is a decorative coating used for in-house works. It is almost colourless, but has a nacreous, pearly or pink nuance. Depending on the effect the client wants to achieve, the background is painted in the desired colour using high-quality water-based paint. Available in 5 color bases: Silver, Perla, Rosso, Blue, Green. The combination of nacre and sand create an effect of still sandstorm. Depending on the technique of application a diverse decorative ornament can be achieved: discreet, on the one hand, and glistening, depending on the angle of the light, on the other.

Mode of application:

It requires preparation for painting. The surface must be even and smooth. Cracks, chips, plane level differences or putty streaking are inadmissible. Before the application of the decorative material the walls must be painted with high-quality water-based paint.

Water emulsion should not be removed from the surface !!!!

Mode of application: Before application “Barhan” coating should be thoroughly mixed and then applied with a wide brush.  5-15 minutes later you can create the pattern from sand particles with a dry and thick (not narrower than 1.5 cm) brush.

Composition: Pigments, quartz sand, synthetic  copolymers.

Consumption:  4-6 m2/1 kg, depending on the pattern. The less textured the pattern is, the lower the consumption gets.

Form of production: 1 kg plastic bucket.

So as to simplify the works you can invite a partner who will be in charge of the texture or the application of the coating. A small area can be done alone whereas a larger one needs a partner to be involved.

It is important to know that the lighting makes an essential detail. Painting should be carried out under installed light sources. It will allow assessing the resulting texture and, if necessary, making adjustments.

If you want to apply the material individually, it is a good idea to first get better in trial on smaller areas of the wall or on a different training surface (a piece of plasterboard).

It is also important to combine the colour of the painted surface with the tone of the decorative paint.

Thus, for instance, a more pronounced effect of Rosso can be achieved on grey, pinkish or violet colours.

Approximate combinations can be seen on exhibition samples in our shops.

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Цветовая база Barhan

Barhan PERLA, Barhan ROSSO, Barhan SILVER


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