The “Lana” decorative plaster has a pleasant texture with a silky shine. In the interior it looks gentle and soothing. Suitable for decoration of bedrooms and children’s rooms. Rate: 4-5 sq.m.

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Structure …………… .. medium-textured

Chromaticity ………………….. ..10 colours

Wear-resistance ………………. ..standard

Coverage area ………………….. .4-5 sq.m.

Liquid wallpaper is a composition based on cotton, cellulose, stained silk fibers, as well as special additives. Use liquid wallpaper can, both for finishing rooms and corridors of apartments, hotels, and office space. A wide range of colors allows you to vary the desired shades.

Shine-add special glitter. Want to wash the wallpaper-cover the top with acrylic lacquer.

Liquid wallpaper is applied to any surface, including cement plaster, which helps to avoid additional spending on pry rubbing dry With liquid wallpaper, there are no wall irregularities and construction defects.

The larger the fraction of the material, the better the defects of the walls and ceilings are hidden. The liquid wallpaper is putted with a spatula. It is not recommended to use it in damp rooms.

The price is indicated for one package. One packet suffices On 4-5 meters square.

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Weight1 kg
Оттенок Lana

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