Reusable plastic STENCILS. You can buy stencils for painting, decoration and dyeing of walls, ceilings, furniture and any other objects or interiors. Size: 20×40 cm.



For stencil painting you can be use:

• Acrylic paint (any water-based “paint for walls and ceiling”), pearlescent paint, gouache, sprays, and so on. As materials you can also use sparkle dust (please, see our catalog on our website in the section of “decorative additives”), liquid wallpaper, mineral plasters and texture roughcast.
• A brush, a sponge, a rag – are what you can paint with.
• Paper or woven disposable towels.
• Masking tape.

How to get started:

1. Take the stencil out of the packaging.

2. Before you apply a clean coating, practice on a piece of paper. The result of training should be put to the to-be-stencil location – so that you can see what it will look like there before it’s fairly painted.

3. To obtain good results it is necessary to follow only one simple rule:
So that the paint does not become smudged and does not leak, make sure the brush (or what you draw with) is almost dry. Remove any excess paint with a paper towel. Draw using “blotting” motion, perpendicularly to the surface. Saturation of color (halftone) can be created by increasing the number of passes.

4. Secure the stencil on the surface. This can be done using masking tape.

5. If one layer of stencil consists of several colors, it is possible to seal the color areas with​​ masking tape and paint them secondarily.

6. For the application of sparkling dust the stencil should be thickly covered with PVA adhesive or acrylic glue and then a dry sponge should be dipped in sparkle dust and hammered into the stencil using tampon-like motion.
7. Wash the stencil under warm running water and allow it to dry.

8. Draw! Do not forget to give a layer of paint time to dry before you draw the second one!

Stencils for decoration, painting and drawing – are a possibility to create a DIY professional decor without artistic talents, advanced skills or hiring professionals. Stencil painting is affordable to everyone, saves your money and gives a lot of positive emotions.
Have some nice and useful time!

Additional information

Dimensions40 × 20 cm
Вид трафарета

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