Pearlescent powder is intended for adding to various transparent (without yellowness) compositions (varnishes, azures, epoxy resins, waxes, etc.) to obtain a pearlescent sheen.

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Pearlescent powder is an ideal solution for imparting a unique pearlescent shine to various transparent materials such as varnishes, glazes, epoxy resins, waxes and many others. Our product is designed specifically for those who strive to create works with an exceptional mother-of-pearl effect.

To achieve maximum effectiveness when using pearl powder, we recommend diluting it with a small amount of diluent beforehand, especially when working with thicker formulations. After this, easily mix the powder into the main mass to evenly distribute the shine.

Our pearlescent powder is formulated with high quality ingredients including titanium dioxide and iron oxide, providing not only an amazing visual effect but also long-lasting durability. Our range includes two color options – elegant silver and refined white gold.

The convenient release form in a 50 gram plastic flask ensures ease of use and storage. Give your creative projects a unique shine with our pearlescent powder, exclusively formulated to achieve brilliant results in every detail of your creation.


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