The only manufacturer in Moldova of liquid wallpaper «Excelent Wall» SRL «Nixela Excelent» offers a wide textural and color gamut to the public. The price depends on composition and texture ).

Liquid wallpaper is a composition made on basis of cotton or cellulose, dyed silk fibers and special additives. It is the fibers that give the walls an effect of tissue covering (the larger they are, the greater the effect is) and produce an impression of “a splendid ornamentation”. Liquid wallpaper can be used for decoration of rooms and corridors of flats, hotels, hospitals as well as offices. A wide range of colors allows you to vary the desired shades. If you feel like adding some “glow”, we can offer some special spangles (decorative additives) of different colours, which can be independently added to the liquid wallpaper. If you want washable wallpaper, just cover it with acrylic lacquer top coat.

It must be admitted, there are no smooth walls and right angles in our apartments, and therefore it’s rather hard to hang wallpaper “joint to joint.” And if you happen to wallpaper a wall with a ledge or a niche, it might give you some really hard time. And, consequently, we have to smoothen the walls with the help of plaster or gypsum plasterboard, which is quite expensive. With liquid wallpaper all these problems simply do not exist – the material does not form seams, it is not afraid of wall irregularity and construction defects. It also hides small defects of walls (cracks, irregularities and the like). ATTENTION the larger the fraction of the material is, the better the walls and ceilings defects are hidden.

Liquid wallpaper is applied on any surface, including cement plaster, which will help the customer to avoid additional expenses on regrating with dry mixes. Furthermore, the material covers any walls: old plaster, backgrounds, rough finish, clay plaster, clay adobe plaster, etc., on condition that the walls have been preliminarily primed.

The material perfectly fills in the gaps at the abutment of platbands, skirting boards, sockets and switches. Moreover, when finishing bay windows, arches and other architectural ornaments this cover is absolutely indispensable. Liquid wallpaper can decorate any surface – walls, esconsons and ceilings.
However, it is important is to choose the right fraction. For example, Alaska  is the finest dispersive material. It is recommended to apply with a spray-gun so as to get out of it even colored coats (having added some colour). Alaska is also recommended to be applied on small surfaces, such as window esconsons.
Color, Paradise and Briz are a bit coarser, but also like smooth walls (e.g. trowelled cement plaster). Fantasy is more textured. As for Rich, and others, they may hide more noticeable defects.

Liquid wallpaper – can figuratively be called “western renovation”, which is affordable to everyone. What especially makes it worth considering is its being ecological (environmentally friendly materials are part of it). And what is important for our apartment is that the wallpaper we offer is an additional sound and heat insulator. When small cracks appear on walls (for example, house settlement) liquid wallpaper is not deformed and does not break due to its elasticity capacities.

In addition,liquid wallpaper – is not only a wealth of colours and textures, but also the possibility of its combination that significantly expands the design options: a little imagination is enough to create your own unique design, including ornaments, paintings and mural on the wall. Furthermore, a wide price range – from economical to exclusive options (Lux) is what makes it satisfy any taste depending on your financial situation.  Naturally enough, the material has disadvantages as well: we do not recommend using it in wet room.

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