MOIRE DELUX pearlescent varnish is a clear varnish with a pearlescent tint. Wide choice of 5 color bases: silver, pearl, pink, blue, green.

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MOIRE DELUX pearlescent varnish is used for protective and decorative finishing of various surfaces. The product can be successfully used indoors for residential and public purposes. Application of the material is possible on decorative plaster, wallpaper for painting, mineral surfaces, except floors. Gives coatings a pearlescent shine, shimmering and shimmering effects at different angles of light incidence.


  • protection of the surface from moisture and contamination;
  • increasing the service life of the treated surface;
  • enhancing the decorative effect of coatings;
  • manifestation of a unique effect of color and depth of relief;
  • If desired, tinted manually

Available in 5 color bases: SILVER, PERLA, ROSSO, GREEN, BLUE.

It is also important to match the painted surface with the tone of the surface on which the varnish will be applied. So, for example, the effect of Rosso will be enhanced on grey, pinkish or purple colours.

COMPOSITION:  Acrylic resin, synthetic additives. IS DILUTED WITH WATER.

APPLIED at temperatures from +10 C to +27 C. onto a dry and clean surface.

Apply varnish with a brush or sponge. The varnish is absolutely environmentally friendly, has no unpleasant odor, is highly durable and can withstand light wet cleaning.

Drying time: interlayer drying – 3 hours, complete drying and formation of quality properties of the coating – 24 hours.

Release form: plastic bucket weighing 0.5 kg.


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