SATIN DELUX is a wear-resistant coating used in all types of interior spaces. Even distribution of nacre creates the effect of silk walls. It is available in a silver base, which can be tinted with high-quality water-dispersion colors. It should be applied to flawlessly smooth walls.

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SATIN DELUX decorative plaster is a thin-layer coating with a wet silk effect for interior work. Thanks to the pearlescent pigment, which is evenly distributed on the surface, the effect of silk walls is created. SATIN DELUX is suitable for decorating both classic and modern interiors, creating a cozy luxurious atmosphere. The effect of silk coating and its saturation depends on the light source and the viewing angle.

Surface preparation

Before applying SATIN DELUX decorative plaster, it is necessary to clean, putty, grind, level and degrease the surface. An improperly prepared surface can also lead to defects in the final coating: cracks or peeling.

Then, the surface should be primed with a deep penetration acrylic primer in order to increase adhesion and even out the absorbency of the substrate.

SATIN DELUX must be applied at a temperature not lower than 15 degrees. It is applied with a roller, a metal trowel or a spatula, depending on the desired effect. Also, depending on the desired effect, it is applied in 1-2-3 layers. The drying between layers takes between 4-6 hours.

The drying time at a temperature of 20 ° takes 24 hours. The complete drying is guaranteed in 20 days.

Wet silk SATIN DELUX has a good covering capacity. However, it is recommended to paint the surface in the tone of the plaster.

It is advisable to first practice on a small area prior to applying the plaster.

The consumption quantity depends on the desired effect and varies  from 100 to 350 g per sq.m.

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